Designing the ETS Season 1 Logo!

February 8, 2010

Hi, I’m Olive, a kid in Eco-Tech School.


Last Wednesday, we started to make an Eco-Tech School logo. We started by thinking of all the things we do in Eco-Tech School. Then we chose the 4 best things, and then we split all the 12 kids into 4 groups of 3. Each group drew pictures of one of the topics. The topics are 1, earth, 2. art, 3. tech, and 4 is positivity! At the end everyone shared. They shared what they drew. I was a part of the earth group. My favorite idea of mine was a picture of the earth. It had little drawings of people holding up a picture.


Hello everyone!

My name is Solva.


I’ve been thinking about many logos for ETS.  I think it was very hard to keep them simple and easy because I really like to make real complicated drawings.  But I could manage.  One idea that I had was a peace sign, one side was dark and cloudy while the other was bright and sunny.  Another was a super rain drop rainbow colored with a peace sign on it’s belly.  Finally, my last logo idea was a cape with the earth on it.  Below it was written ECO-TECH.  My ideas were supposed to be about positivity, that’s why they are so positive.  Hope you like my ideas!


Hey. Steele here.


Now I am about to tell about top secret Eco-Tech secrets!

So we are now creating the  Season 1 logo for Eco-Tech!  On to my ideas for what the logo should look like…

1. a robot saying “Eco-Tech” in a speech bubble

2. a photographer taking a picture and in the flash there are the words “Eco-Tech”

3. a flip with “Eco-Tech” on the screen

4. a movie theter and on the screen it says “Eco-Tech”

5. “Eco-Tech” written in calculator letters


Hello everybody, my name is Deven.


I think some good ideas to create any logo would be to use pictures or images that represent the meaning of something that the logo will be used for. For example, Foot Locker uses a referee as its logo because it is a sport store.

I think a good logo for Eco-Tech School would be something that has computers and also has a picture of the earth because we will be representing the pollution in our environment by using technology. Or we could make a picture of the earth and put a banner around it that says “Eco-Tech Rocks.” I thought of that because we are trying to save La Oroya.


Here we are sketching out our logo ideas…

Keep your peepers open for images of our Season 1 logo!



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February 2, 2010


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February 1, 2010

The ETS kids rock it out during week 1! YAY!